The Top 9 Tech Careers of the Future: What You Need To Know

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Tech is everywhere – in fact, it’s fair to say that no industry can survive without leaning on recent technological innovations. Industries from construction, to manufacturing, to IT, to finance and more, rely on tech providers and experts to perform their operations, benefit from new tools, and secure themselves against cyberattacks.

This is great news for individuals interested in pursuing a tech career. However, some tech careers are sure to be in higher demand in the coming years than others. So, let’s take a look at the top nine tech careers for future success.

Data Scientist

Data is the true digital currency of the world. Companies and corporations across industries use data to:

  • Better understand their consumers
  • Make market predictions
  • Analyze potential business moves, etc.

Furthermore, companies now gather data at an unprecedented rate. All that data is stored and has to be analyzed by data scientists who:

  • Analyze big data sets
  • Come up with solutions that company executives and managers can use
  • Monitor and organize data as it’s collected

Data scientist jobs have competitive salaries, and that amount is set to increase in the future. This profession will become even more vital as companies start to focus on right data collection and analysis in favor of “big data” collection, which involves prioritizing, obtaining, and processing data specific to their target audiences instead of using all the data they collect.

Cloud Engineer

Nowadays, lots of companies put sensitive data on the cloud. They use software downloaded straight from cloud servers and don’t worry about updating it since a managed cloud service provider can do it for them.

Cloud engineers are responsible for many of these remarkable digital feats. Cloud engineers, sometimes called cloud developers or solutions architects, have a lot of different responsibilities like:

  • Monitoring and managing cloud systems
  • Checking systems for vulnerabilities or potential breaches
  • Developing new cloud systems and tools
  • Managing the software and tools for companies from afar

As more data gets sent to the cloud, the demand for professionals to run cloud systems and ensure their functionality will increase. Therefore, cloud engineers will find lots of career potential in the near future and have countless outlets to promote their skills.

AI/ Machine Learning Developer

AI and machine learning are taking the tech world by storm — and for a good reason. These digital toolsets enable companies to better understand big data sets and the minds of consumers around the world.More importantly, AI and machine learning are rapidly becoming more important across all industries, ranging from finance to medical software and more. Developers who know how to create or code AI and machine learning tools are already in high demand, and that trend will continue over the next few years.

Robotics Engineer

Robotics has already gained importance in the manufacturing and safety industries, but hiring engineers will become more critical in other sectors as robots become more advanced.

Highly technical robotics engineers need patience and analytical thinking skills. In reward, they’ll get the chance to create unique robots designed to help people or keep individuals safe by handling hazardous work. Robotics engineers’ responsibilities include:

  • Designing and testing robot prototypes
  • Troubleshooting robots to ensure they work properly
  • Building robots
  • Integrating software into robotic machines

UX Designer

Some tech enthusiasts may choose to become UX or user experience designers. UX designers create fulfilling, intuitive experiences for apps, websites, software, and other digital tools. They study how users interact with those tools and then develop systems or layouts that facilitate user goals.

A website UX designer may design a webpage outline and button functionality to make using the website enjoyable and intuitive for first-time visitors. UX designers are important for e-commerce business owners, brick-and-mortar companies, security firms, game developers, and many other industries.

Information Systems Manager

Information systems (IS) professionals oversee, organize, and develop new information systems. Being successful in this job requires understanding tech security, how different systems interact, and how to upgrade information systems for organizations as technology evolves.

As more companies lean into the digital side of things and computer systems become more complex, IS managers will also become more necessary. Depending on the importance of their assigned systems, IS managers may be among the most important employees at their companies.

Cybersecurity Analyst/ Specialist

Also important are cybersecurity specialists and analysts. These security professionals are responsible for vital tasks, like:

  • Updating antiviruses and other security software
  • Helping businesses understand best practices for storing crypto and important data safely
  • Holding seminars to teach employees about cybersecurity best practices
  • Monitoring computer systems and networks for potential breaches
  • Identifying viral attacks or cyber breaches as they occur

The safety and security of vital consumer and company data are in the hands of cybersecurity specialists. Which is why this growing field will become even more important as people put more personal data online — not to mention as legislation like the GDPR enforces heavy fines on companies that don’t take security seriously.

Network Administrator

Network administrators will also become more common over the next several years. These professionals handle important daily operations of computer network systems for organizations, such as internet or internet systems, local area networks, and more. Many network administrators earn high salaries and manage their assigned networks’ stability and safety.

Depending on their exact responsibilities, network administrator managers may be required to hire or promote individuals, assist with the onboarding process, and train new employees.

Mobile App Developer

Like web developers, mobile app developers will also be in high demand in the future. That’s because mobile apps are more popular than ever. As a mobile app developer, you’ll meet the needs and preferences of mobile users, make visually appealing design elements, and develop mobile apps or games suited for different devices.

As mobile apps become more ubiquitous, more developers will be needed to fill the labor gap. Modern apps are available for practically every need, ranging from travel, to cooking, to gaming, etc.

Wrapping Up

Any tech-focused career is likely to yield great returns in terms of salary and professional opportunities. But the above nine tech careers are particularly good choices if you want to ensure you’ll earn excellent pay and that your skillset remains in demand for decades to come.

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